Jews w/ Tattoos

Body-art is a fascinating way of communicating. And behind each piece of ink-work is a real human story. On this podcast we find and share those stories, and will shed light on how members of our tribe, the Jewish tribe, express themselves and walk in this world.

Jews With Tattoos - Ep 1: Jaime Becker - All In the Family

In this episode we meet Jaime Becker who loves her family so much she got reminders of them tattooed on her body. Interestingly, for as much as Jaime loves her family she shares some tension about her families reactions to the the tattoos themselves.

Jews w/ Tattoos: Episode #2 - Alan Platock - Be Who You Are, Wherever You Are

In this episode Alan shares with us a what his Jewish identity means to him; and how his tattoos have helped him express his identity, for better or worse.

Jews w/ Tattoos: Episode #3 - Aaron Bock - In Spite Of...

In this episode, Aaron Bock takes us on journey around the world and his spiritual development. During our discussion we also venture into the topic of dual-identity and explore the overlap between Jewish and American values.

Jews w/ Tattoos: Episode #4 - Sam Ogren - Finding a Family At Home and Abroad

One of my best episodes to date! Not only because this was an in-person conversation, but also because the sound quality is the best so far :) Sam is a Warrior-Brother of mine from the Mankind project, which we discuss a little bit. And yet this episode is chock full of interesting conversation points: From Jewish identity, personal growth, family, to anti-semitism, white-privilege and hoping people see you as a Jew. This is a conversation you don't want to miss!

Here is a link to the image from Knockaround Guys that we reference.…iewer/rm2161424896

These is the quote from Rabbi Heschel and Rev King that I reference in the episode:

I solemnly pledge to uphold the fair name of Jews. Not only because we need their friendship, and surely we do, but mainly because bigotry in any for is an affront to us all. (Rev Martin Luther King Jr.)

One hundred years ago, the emancipation was proclaimed. It is time for the white man to strive for self-emancipation, to set himself free of bigotry. (Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel)

Jews w/ Tattoos: Episode #5 - Rabbi Iggy - Transcending Self Through Juxtaposition and Awe

Our first, and I suspect, not our last interview with a tattooed rabbi. Rabbi Iggy is a friend from my days at Camp Ramah. Like all of us, Iggy has evolved in different ways in his life. The one consistent is that he's a good person. Today we find his as the founder and director of the T'shuvah Center in New York City (, offering recovery and support to those suffering from the disease of addiction.

In our conversation Rabbi Iggy teaches us what it means to transcend what we, and other people, might think about us through living a life of juxtaposition and awe. And what couldn't be more of a juxtaposition than a rabbi who bears the Torah on his skin.

Jews w/ Tattoos: Episode #6 - Ethan Mayo - The Blessing of Memory and the Infinite Within

It was great to catch up with an old student of mine who challenged me as a younger rabbi, and who now challenges all of us. Ethan's message about loving ourselves to the point where we see how infinite we are internally is a necessary message for today. In his life Ethan has transcended not only the limits that others placed on him, but also the one we mistaken place on ourselves.

Jews w/ Tattoos: Ep 7: Julee Snitzer Levine - Hanging On

In our newest episode I sit down with Jewish educator extraordinaire and friend, Julee Snitzer Levine. Julee shares her experiences finding herself and the excitement she feels expressing her deepest values. She reminds us how important it is, particularly during a time of pandemic, to hang on and seek out kindness and help when necessary.

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with mental health and thinking about harming themselves, please share this information with them.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Hours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish.


Jews w/ Tattoos: Ep 8: Thea Lavin - Hineini - Here I am, Bringing the Light and the Strength

Our first new episode in a long time... But it's a good one that's been worth the wait. In this episode we are joined by Thea Lavin who rolls her sleeves up to do the dirty work of trauma education and peace-building. This episode has a poignancy brought on by the recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Gaza. A conflict and war that took the lives of many innocent children. Thea teaches us what it means to step up to the table and share a voice for the purposes of bringing strength and resiliency to the lives of others.

Jews With Tattoos - Ep: 9 - Cindy Chisvin - My Story Isn’t Over

Cindy helps people recovering from divorce and reminds them that there is much more of their story to write.

Jews with Tattoos - Ep 10: Katie Penna - Freedom and Rebirth

In episode 10 we meet Katie Penna who teaches us about what freedom and rebirth look like after relationships end.

Jews with Tattoos - Ep: 11 - Mara Cella - Self Protection and Self Portraits

In episode 11 I catch up with an old friend from high school, Mara Cella. Mara talks about the ideas of protecting herself with the hamsa, and how body art is an exercise is painting a self-portrait.

Jews with Tattoos - Ep: 12 - Jessie Duke - Finding Yourself Through Finding Community

Meet Jessie Duke, a wonderful human being with a beautiful zest for life and self-exploration. Jessie teaches us the valuable lessons of being in touch with one's ancestry, never being ashamed of who you are, and finding yourself by exploring the world. She uses her tattoo, the Shehehiyanu, to remind herself just how significant life can be at any given moment.

Shehehiyanu text:

בָּרוּךְ אַתָּה יְיָ‎

Blessed are You, Lord,

Baruch atah Adonai

אֱלֹהֵינוּ מֶלֶךְ הַעוֹלָם‎

our God, King of the Universe,

Elohenu melekh ha'olam

שֶׁהֶחֱיָנוּ וְקִיְּמָנוּ‎

who has granted us life and sustained us,

shehecheyanu vekiymanu

וְהִגִּיעָנוּ לַזְּמַן הַזֶּה‎׃‎

and allowed/let us [to] arrive at this Time.

vehigi'anu lazman hazeh.

Jews w/ Tattoos - Ep 13 - Art Becomes Identity - Tattoo Artist, Gabrielle Wolff

Snagged my first tattoo artist! Gabriel Wolff is a cool artist living in Berlin and thinking deeply about expressions of Jewish identity. His designs for tattoos can truly be considered body-art. Gabriel shares his journey to Jewish tattoos, as well as his own personal Jewish tattoo. Check out his website and social media for examples of his work.



Jews w/ Tattoos - Ep 14 - Why the Caged Bird Sings w/ Melissa Moshe

In episode 14 Noam talks with Melissa Moshe, a Los Angeles based songwriter and singer. Melissa shares her story about freedom, expressing oneself, and boundaries. She teaches us about the value of walls and the mortar that holds it all together.

Jews w/ Tattoos - Ep 15 - Guardian Angels - Nitzan

In episode 15 Noam sits down to talk with Nitzan- an active young Jew in the Los Angeles area. Nitzan teaches us about her love for the Jewish community; and how her involvement in that community shapes her identity in different ways. Nitzan also shares her tattoo of the guardian angel Raphael who became a significant figure for her during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jews w/ Tattoos - Ep 16 - Andrew Roffe - To Life, Holocaust Jokes, and Trauma!

One of the funniest conversations I've had yet. Andrew Roffe is a comedian, director, writer, producer, and one hell of a funny Jew. We talk about what it means to face our trauma, choose life, and which Holocaust jokes are worth telling.

Jews w/ Tattoos - Ep 17 - Ornamented Identity w/ Isa Segalovich

A truly fascinating conversation with Isa Segalovich who focuses her work on combating white supremacy and anti-semitism in policy and design. But in addition to that fruitful conversation we also discuss keeping one's family together through interfaith relationships; the ritual that concludes shabbat known as havdallah; and having an ornamented identity.

You can find Isa on Tik Tok and Instagram at: interstellar_isabellar

Jews w/ Tattoos - Ep 18 - Standing Before God w/ Compassion w/ Rabbi Kerry Chaplin

How symbolic that that episode 18 comes out in the midst of the 2022 High Holy Day season. Noam sits down with Rabbi Kerry Chaplin to discuss the the powerful notion of self-compassion during some of life's scariest moments.

As a spiritual counselor, ritualist, and teacher, Rabbi Kerry Chaplin (yes, that is her real name) practices and preaches an embodied, living spirituality through authentic relationship with one's own mind, body, and spirit. This authenticity, and sharing it with community, family, and the Divine, deepens connection that helps me, you, and all of us live better.

Jews w/ Tattoos - Ep 19 - Pam Alcala - If I Am Not For Myself, and If I Am More Than

Episode 19 was a welcomed surprise. Meet Pam Alcala, and Jewish educator living in NY. Pam shares a fascinating story about why her tattoo is so meaningful to her. In the process we talk about personal accountability, becoming a mother, losing oneself, and the need to claim responsibility for the life you are creating.

You can find Pam on IG at liveloveyarn and