The Jewish Divorce Project

What happens when a Jewish therapist and rabbi, both divorced themselves, sit down to discuss the intricacies of divorce and how it is impacted by the Jewish perspective? You'll have to tune in to find out, as Sheva and Noam get real, personal and introspective about their own experiences and the broader issues at large.

The Jewish Divorce Project - Introductions Part 1

Meet Sheva Ganz and Noam Raucher. Two professionals and single parents asking questions and searching for answers about Judaism, divorce and everything in-between.

The Jewish Divorce Project - Ep 2: Introductions Part 2

In this episode Sheva turns the tables and puts Noam in the hot-seat. We were also joined by an unexpected guest, Elijah, Noam's 6 year old son.

The Jewish Divorce Project - Ep 3: Is Divorce a Failure?

In this week's episode Sheva and Noam go head to head regarding the question of, "Is divorce a failure?" In this episode we discuss the possible ways to view divorce in the present and future moments of your life. Within that we discover how feelings and judgements such as shame might come into play.